What are the procedures that patients must follow before and after rhinoplasty?

Bruising and swelling on the face are seen more or less after every rhinoplasty operation. After the operation, intermittent ice is applied for approximately 48 hours, in the meantime, the patient should lie in an upright position. After all, swelling and bruising are mostly disappeared in 7th-10th days. Close contact sports should be avoided for a long time after the surgery and the nose should be protected from any damage as much as possible. Saline solutions and moisturizing sprays are recommended for intranasal crusting that lasts up to a month after the surgery. Patients who undergo an operation in summer must use hats and high-factor sunscreens to avoid direct sunlight for at least 3 months and to avoid sun exposure. Patients should not wear glasses for 6 months after rhinoplasty operation.